MJ Edmunds


March 12, 2014

The destination of a successful man

An early days excerpt from a novel in progress. The boys were restless all through class. Maybe it was the rocket launch they’d planned down in Tommy Jones’s back paddock. Maybe it was a combination of raging hormones and the moon being in Jupiter. Adam felt just like them. He had to keep dragging his mind […]

Happy Valentines February 14, 2014

The luck of the valentine

He realised at once that he had posted his lovingly worded Valentine’s card complete with declarations,  and the many joys he  would bestow, under the wrong door.

March 17, 2013

Plotting a novel escape

I once heard  novel writing described as the writer setting themselves a puzzle or trap from which they must escape. Over the past few months I have been redrafting my novel Sapphire Day, one of several in progress, and am now 30 pages from the end. That makes it sound easy. And yet I only […]