MJ Edmunds


From the tower you get a sense of the scale of the battle fields. It was moving to see the bugler play here on Anzac Day April 27, 2018

The place he and many never left and where we will return

When the centre’s construction was announced I asked why? The current and previous prime ministers of Australia and Prince Charles were in northern France yesterday to mark Anzac Day at the centenary commemoration of the battle that saved the town of Villers-Bretonneux, and ultimately the city of Amiens. The troops were spurred to strive for […]

June 15, 2017

We dwell in our own worlds and dramas. Read with care

In early April, a natural disaster hit my region in Northern NSW, Australia. In my district alone, seven lives were lost, thousands of properties were flooded, and hundreds of people were displaced temporarily, or permanently. For almost all of us, it was the worst disaster we had experienced or witnessed and we hope never to […]

January 20, 2016

The boy upstairs

It was one of those mornings of beginnings of beginning ideas. I don’t need to explain that. This day was chosen. It’s as a good as day as any. A friend recommended a cafe. I call here after the appointment. It’s in a side street, and opposite an old lodging house with a hand-painted wooden […]

December 24, 2015

Play kindly and have fun this festive season

Summer beginnings A writer needs a room of her own and a place on the web. This site will be my personal writing site from 2016. where I will publish ficton and non-fiction. Here is my business site.  Play safely, have fun and be kind to each other and be ready for next year when we […]

May 11, 2014

Morning soul at Point Danger

Morning Soul at Pt Danger… came in first moments of knowing the danger had passed. There would be other dangers but they were for another day. MJ Edmunds

Happy Valentines February 14, 2014

The luck of the valentine

He realised at once that he had posted his lovingly worded Valentine’s card complete with declarations,  and the many joys he  would bestow, under the wrong door.

January 19, 2014

On an indigo night

As light as it was, you (if lucky) could see stars still strewn across the sky, and what I call in all of my stories a dance hall sky. Some were dimmed by now.
I like to write vignettes that may or may not be part of something bigger – MJ Edmunds

November 16, 2013

A friend met only once

David Ades was a friend met once only in a cafe  at an hour not as late as it felt. I’d been to the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival launch party, and with no dinner plans,  needed something warm to fill the spaces canapés had not reached. I walked along Jonson St, Fletcher, Lawson in the […]

Perfect Day October 28, 2013

Perfect Day, Mountsfield cover version

Perfect Day has been on automatic replay in my head this past day since the news Lou Reed had passed away. The cover of this tune that stands out in my memory was played on a clear blue June Saturday in Mountsfield Park, London. People’s Day.  A jobbing muso of whiskered jaw in black uniform playing […]

Happy to write here October 18, 2013

On being in the writer tribe

I have been attending the Australian Society of Authors‘ first ever National Writers’ Congress #asa2020 which has meant spending more time in the company of writers than usual. It’s been good to have that shorthand that goes with being among your tribe. The event started with a literary speed dating event which meant standing in sometimes […]